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The WING SPOKE was designed to outperform the current crop of high-end spokes that are found on today’s finest racing wheels. The WING is more than just another lightweight, bladed spoke. Inspired by the nose cone of an airplane, it offers the highest level of aerodynamic performance of any spoke on the market today. Wheel builders will also appreciate the ease of working with the WING. Its one-piece, butted design reduces potential weak spots, while its rigidity helps prevent twisting or breakage when tensioning. With widths ranging from 2.0-2.3mm, the WING will work well with any hub designed for 14g spokes.

3D-force spoke can set the spoke body at the correct position and direction for assembly and force handling.  The first flattened section absorbs torsion and the second flattened section helps transfer tension thus allowing the change of angle of bending so that the spoke body, when put into use, may effectively absorb or transfer shock transmitted thereto.  This proprietary combination significantly enhances the fatigue resistance of the spoke body.  If you want your wheels to significantly outlast the competition, 3D-Force will deliver.  3D-Force works exceptionally well with E-Bikes.

As clearly indicated in the chart, you will see the PSR spoke is four times stronger than standard spokes.  PSR has been developed by Pillar Spokes over the years, making Pillar the industry leader for both aftermarket and OEM alike.

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